How To Download Crunchyroll Videos?

Do you know there are more than 50 million Crunchyroll registered users? Yes, it’s true. And its number of users increasing on every single day. It is a favorite service for anime lovers. It provide anime streaming service. You can watch online and as well as offline anime movies.

Crunchyroll is an American company founded in 2006. The sole purpose of this website is to provide anime series movies and drama. It is the biggest website who provide anime related service. Crunchyroll has also its Android and iOS app. It supports many devices. It is easy for the user to watch online or offline anime series at any place and at any time. It provide a huge series of anime movies, drama and shows.

Is Crunchyroll Free?

Now the question is that Crunchyroll is free? Most of its anime series are free. You just need to sign up for the account. And you are able to watch most of its series free. But Crunchyroll offers three different pricing plans. In every plan it offers 14 days free trail. These pricing plans have different features. If you buy these plans you are able to watch movies, drama and without ads, unlimited access to its library, use it on multiple device and many other features. Free membership is ad-supported. Its provide 489p Video quality.

Is it possible to download Crunchyroll videos?

Do you know it is possible to download Crunchyroll videos? It is not difficult to download its videos. There are many methods to download its video. And watch its videos offline.

Download Crunchyroll Videos:

Are you the Crunchyroll users and you think how do i save video to watch offline? If Yes, then this guide is for you. I have tested some methods to download its videos. It is not difficult to download and watch offline its videos. Here, I am providing some methods to download its videos that I personally use:

Download Crunchyroll Videos On Mac And Android:

User who love anime can download its videos on Mac and as well as android. For android you need its app from google play store. It is not too much difficult. You just need to download Wondershare AllMyTube. This will work on Man OS, iPad iPhone and Android etc. You can easily download videos. You can download its trail version. Here I will show you how you can use this software:

  • Download and install Wondershare AllMyTube software or app on your device. And open it. Here, you will see this screen if you are using your PC:
  • Now open Crunchyroll account and copy the URL of that video.
  • Click on Paste URL in Wondershare AllMyTube.
  • Now simply drag and drop the URL.

You have done. Now if you are offline you can watch this video.

Online Video Grabber:

There are many websites by which you can download its anime videos. This is not a difficult method to get its videos. You just need to search some query on search engine like “online crunchyroll video downloading website”. Now open any website which you find good. Copy the URL of video and paste it in that site that you search. And click “download”. Your download will start.

Download With Browser Extension:

Browser extensions can also be used to download crunchyroll videos. There are several extensions which can be used for this purpose. Personally, I have tested Video Downloader Plus. This extension is not difficult to use. It is also available on Chrome Web Store. Here are some steps to download and use it:

  • Search Video Downloader Plus on Chrome Web Store.
  • Click on “Add to Chrome”. It will install the extension in Chrome browser.
  • After this, go to crunchyroll website. And open a video. Click on green pop-out button. And Click Start.

Download Using Softwares:

There are also some software downloaders by which you can download crunchyroll videos to watch offline. For this purpose I will recommend “Crunchyroll Downloader”. This software can easily be used on Windows and Mac. It is easy to use. And does not require any special requirement.

Using Streaming Video Recorder:

For this purpose I recommend Apowersoft Streaming Video Recorder. It is a good software used to download streaming videos. You can easily record any type of streaming video. It is easy to use. It support different networks like Crunchyroll, Youtube, CBS etc. It detects video automatically and also supports many formats.