How to recover the titles of deleted or private YouTube videos?

Are you annoying due to deleted video? Sometime when video deleted or set up to private in the playlist, it shows no name. You can only see [Deleted Videos]. It’s annoying because you cannot see its name. Most of the time you don’t remember which video was it. Whenever you open this video, the page does not give more information about it. Sometime finding the title of deleted or private YouTube video is headache.

How you can find the title of deleted YouTube video? Is it possible to recover its title and get much info about it? Yes, it is. It’s not too much difficult to recover the title of deleted or private YouTube video.

Why YouTube Delete Videos:

The question is that why YouTube deleted videos? It may be due to several reasons. Some of them are as follow:

Inappropriate Content:

Sometime YouTube deleted videos when they found inappropriate content. Means they found content against their community guidelines. For example adult content, drugs and weapon related or hacking or other illegal content.

Terms Of Service Violation:

Sometimes YouTube deleted videos due to terms of services. If your video violate any of terms of service then they may delete your video.

Copyright Content:

Whenever you copy video from some channel on YouTube, it belongs to property of some other person. Due to this they will delete your video. YouTube does not allow copyrighted content. Due to which YouTube deleted videos.

Find Title Of Deleted Or Private YouTube Video:

Here is some of the ways by which you can find its title and info:

See Deleted Or Private Video Title With Google Search:

The best way to find the title of video is to search on Google. If you want to do so you just copy the Unique Video Identifier and search on Google. You will see its name. For example you have this URL:

In this _VrsIEYZHys is Unique Video Identifier. You will have to copy this part and search on Google. You will easily see the name of video. If it gives you more than one result then put the code in quotes.

By Using

It is a famous site which preserve the content over internet. It takes screenshots of the web pages. It may be helpful to find the title of YouTube video. Go to Archive Wayback Machine and paste the URL of the video. It shows different dates by which you can find its title.

By Using

It is a great tool available on internet to find YouTube videos. It will surely help you to find title of video. This tool is simple and easy. You just need to “Create Account” to use it. After you create account you need to connect YouTube channel. After connecting the account it will show the deleted video in “New” tab.