How To Fix iPhone Or iPad Problem Which Connects And Disconnects From MAC When Plugged In ?

Do you buy a new MAC and facing problem to connect your iPhone or iPad? Don’t worry! It’s not a big problem. Sometime when you plugged in your iPad or iPhone, you face this issue. You may face this error due to faulty hardware or may be due to software.

It is not too much difficult task to fix this issue. There are many solution to this problem. Here, I will discuss all the methods that I know to fix the error in which iPad or iPhone connects and disconnects from MAC.

How You Can Detect Fault?:

Finding the fault for iPhone and iPad connects and disconnects error from MAC device is not too much difficult. You can detect cause of fault easily if you have more than one iOS devices and cables. Here is the way to find the cause:

If Fault In iOS Device:

First of all connect first iOS device. If you face connecting and disconnecting problem, try to connect second iOS device. If it is already give you error, it means there is not problem with iOS. The problem is with cable connector. Change the cable.

On the other hand, if you does not face any problem, it means cable connector is not faulty. There is problem with the iOS device port. In this case you must cleans its port. To do this you can use toothbrush or toothpick.

Fault In Cable:

If both the iOS devices create the problem of connecting and disconnecting on the same cable. Then change the cable and connect both the devices. If you does not face the same problem then it means there is fault in the cable.

Fault In MAC Port:

The final fault may be in the MAC port. It may be damaged due to some reason. Sometime when the company shipped the product, it may be damaged due to certain reasons. However, this does not means iPhone connecting and disconnecting is due to hardware problem. It may be software issue.

To fix software related issue, it here are some of the methods:

Reset Your iOS Privacy Setting:

When you are satisfied from the hardware side fault. And you are sure your hardware is alright from all the sides. You now check it from software side. The first thing that you have to do is you must reset your iOS setting. Here are the steps to reset it:

  • Open Setting App.
  • Browse “General” then “Reset”
  • And then click on “Reset Location & Privacy”
  • Now gives your Password.

This will remove all location and privacy settings. And you have successfully reset your iOS Privacy Setting.

Restart The MAC OS USBD Daemon Program:

This issue can be solved by restarting the “MAC OS USBD Daemon Program”. To do this follow the steps:

  • Open “Terminal App” on your MAC. Click on “Finder” and search for “Terminal”.
  • Type the following command and press “Enter”: “sudo killall usbd”.
  • After this it will ask you MAC Password after restarting usbd. Type your password.

These are the method to overcome this issue. After applying these methods I hope you will not face this issue.