How to Install and Play Steam Games on a Chromebook?

Do you know you can play steam games on a Chromebook? Yes, it is not too much difficult to do this. Chromebook is a Google product. It runs Chrome OS. And lightweight as compared to Windows and MacOS.

As we all know gamers love steam. It is the cloud based gamming library. Everyone can use and download it free. Here you can buy, sell, store, trade games and some other stuff. It is considered one of the biggest community for game lovers.

Every person who play games make an account on steam. And he can play games on any PC. He just need to install steam engine or app. This will help user to play game without storing into his computer. He can easily save memory of his computer and can play game on any PC. Steam is not for specific OS. You can install it on any operating system whether it is Windows, Mac OS or Chromebooks.

What is Steam?

Steam is an online gaming plateform by Valve. It is launched in 2003. Today, it is the largest cloud gaming library. You can buy, download and play games. It also provides a community where you can make chat in text and also in voice. You can also make group chat with your friends. User must be 13 years old to create Steam account. The best part of this cloud library is that you can access games from any computer. It provide free and also paid games.

Can Chromebook Allow To Run Steam?

There is a question that create problem for new users that can you install steam on Chromebook? Yes, its possible. But it require special method by which you can install it. Chrome OS is a Gentoo Linux based operating system. There is no special Steam App for Chrome OS. Mainly most of the people uses two main methods to install it. One method is enable Linux App on Chromebook. After this install Steam using terminal command. But the all Chromebook does not allow Linux App. The second method is to install Linux on your Chromebook. And then install Steam on it.

Does Your Chromebook Supports Linux App?

As we already mentioned all Chromebooks does not support Linux App. There are some Chromebooks that allow Linux App. XDA Developers provide a detailed list regarding Chromebooks that supports Linux App. But you can check it from the settings. If your Chromebook does not support then try to switch Chrome OS Beta or Developer Channel.

Install And Play Steam Games On A Chromebook:

Here are the steps to install and play steam games on a Chromebook:

Enable Linux App:

You must enable Linux App if your Chromebook supports it and you are trying to install Steam using Linux App. It is not difficult to enable it. Here is the instructions by which you can do this easily:

  • Select the System Tray and click on Gear icon to open Settings
  • 2-Now scroll down and select Linux (Beta)
  • A Window will open to set up Linux. Click on “Next”.
  • In the next step give your Username and select the disk size that you want to use for installing it.
  • Now the installing process is started. Wait it is finished installation.
  • When the installation process is finished, Linux terminal open.

That’s it. Linux App is successfully installed.

Installing Steam With Linux App:

Now after enabling Linux App we can set up Steam easily. It is not too much difficult. It just requires some commands in Linux terminal. Follow these steps to set up Steam successfully:

  • Now we need to enable Multi-Arch support for the 32-bit libraries. With this Steam runs smoothly on Chromebook: sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386
  • In this step we need to update system packages because we added i386 architecture: sudo apt update
  • Now run this command to install steam: sudo apt install steam
  • Click Agree to the Steam License Policy
  • When the installation is completed type the command below. Steam starts downloading and updating: steam
  • When updating completes it will show you Login Screen:
  • You can also open Steam from application menu in Linux App:

That’s it. Your Steam App is successfully installed. If you have any confusion watch this video:

Play Windows Steam Games On Chromebook:

Set Up Steam App on Chromebook is a great idea. You can play Linux games easily. But you are not able to play Windows games. To do this you need to enable Windows Gaming Support. This will allow you to play Windows Game on your Chromebook also. It is not so difficult to enable Windows Game Support. You can do this with these simple steps:

  • Open Steam App and login to your account. After login search for “Menu”. Click on it. Here you will find many options. Click on “Steam Play”. This option is used to turn on Steam Play Features. It allows its user to play Windows games on Linux.
  • Now in “Steam Play” you will have to check the option “Enable Steam Play For Supported Titles”. By selecting this option you will be able to play Window Games on your Chromebook.
  • After this find “Enable Steam Play For All Other Titles”. And check this option and press “OK”.You have successfully enable Windows Game Support.


I have made this guide after in depth research. After reading this guide it is not difficult to set up steam on Chromebook. You can easily play steam games on your Chromebook. If you think something is missing in this guide write in your comment.