How To Use An Animated GIF As Your Wallpaper On Windows 10?

Having a GIF wallpaper is a great idea on Windows 10. Now a days, most of the people loves GIF images. GIF images are popular because they convey message better than the still image. Windows 10 and Windows 8 does not support GIF Wallpaper. Now, the question is that can we set GIF as wallpaper on windows 10?

Yes, but Windows 10 does not support Animated GIF Wallpaper. It’s not too much difficult to setting up GIF as wallpaper on Windows 10. Windows 10 is most beautiful OS of Microsoft. But we can make it more beautiful with animated GIF. There are many programs by which we can set GIF as wallpaper. Here, I will tell you three software to do this. Two programs are paid and other one is free. These Three software are:

  • Plastuer
  • BioniX
  • Stardock DeskSpecs


Plastuer is a utility which you can use to convert your GIF into wallpaper on Windows 10. But it’s paid program. It has no fixed price. You can get it as PWYW (Pay What You Want). It gives no trail period. You can pay $2-$100. It is almost same as BioniX. But interface is more friendly than others.

How To Set GIF As Wallpaper On Windows 10 With Plastuer?:

Follow the steps to set GIF image as Wallpaper:

  • Visit Now scroll the page and put here the price you want to pay. And then click “Buy Now”
  • Enter your “Email Address” and click Confirm. After paying the price they will send you a link to download the program.
  • Now open the link in your Email. And download the software. After downloading extract the files where you want to save in your PC.
  • Now run “Plastuer.exe” from the extracted folder.
  • Now select your monitor. After selecting your monitor this window will appear. Now click on “Select File”. After selecting the file click on “Save”.
  • Select the layout and background.

Now you have done. Close the Program, it will run in the background.


BioniX is a free utility which enables you to change GIF image into Wallpaper. It’s not only use for this purpose, it has too many other features. You can create playlist of your wallpaper, decide after how much interval wallpaper changes, change order of wallpaper and many other features. It runs in the background.

How To Convert GIF To Wallpaper On Windows 10 With BioniX?:

Follow these steps to convert GIF image to wallpaper on windows 10 with BioniX:

  • After clicking on “Wallpaper Animator” you see this type of box:
  • Select your GIF image and click on “Start”. You can also click on “View Demo Image” to view demo.

Stardock DeskSpecs:

This software is also paid. But it’s more polished than the others. This program provide many features. You can personalize your desktop background better than others. It’s price is $4.99. Stardock DeskSpecs provide 30 days trail. You can animate, peronalize effects, recolor the existing wallpaper etc. You can buy this software from here