How to Fix Wi-Fi Authentication Error?

Do you ever face Wi-Fi Authentication Error? This error comes when you are trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network. And it says “Authentication Error”. It is not because of wrong password. Normally, it is a common issue in some androids.

This issue comes due to several reasons. It may be possible the error is because of Wi-Fi network issue or there may be problem in your android phone. There are many solutions available to solve this issue.

Here are some solutions to fix this issue:

Change Wi-Fi Network Setting:

Wi-Fi Authentication error can be solved by changing Wi-Fi network setting from DHCP to Static. Whenever there is conflict in IP, it may drop connection. Follow these steps to change network setting from DHCP to Static:

  • First of all open your mobile setting and select your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Press and hold on your Wi-Fi name and then choose “Modify Settings”.
  • Select “Show Advance Settings” and after this select “IP Settings”.
  • Now Change DHCP to Static.
  • Here you can see an IP address. Save this IP address. This is the static IP address.
  • After some time re-enter the same info and after this save it. If authentication error is due to IP conflict then your problem is solved.

Update Your Android OS:

Some time it may be possible this error is due to out dated version of Android OS. You must update OS of your device to the latest version. Updating your device is not a difficult task. You can do this in following steps:

  • Connect your device with internet
  • Now open your device “Settings”
  • From here you need to click on “About Phone” and then “System Update”.

Now update starts. When it end restart your phone.

By Using Android System Repair Tool:

Sometime when your mobile is old, it’s performance goes down. And your android mobile can create Wi-Fi authentication error. At this time you must use Android System Repaire Tool. This may help you erasing many errors not only authentication. There are many Android Systel Repair Tools available in the market by which solve your problem.

By Using Factory Reset Option:

Another option for removing this error is that you can factory reset your device. With this option your all data from the device is removed. So when you decide to factory reset your device, you will have to back up all your data. In most of the cases your data can not be recovered whenever you lose data while factory reseting. If you don’t know how to factory reset your mobile, you can read this article.

By Using Flight Mode:

Many of the people use airplane mode for different purposes. It is very useful option. Some people turn on while playing games and some when travelling on airplane. This feature is used because sometime mobile signals interfere wireless signals. By turning on this feature Radio Frequency is turned off.

By Reset All Your Network Settings:

Most of the time your Wireless, Bluetooth or any other network device creates problem. You can fix it by reseting your network settings. You can do this with the following steps:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Now choose “General Management”.
  • Now select “Reset”.
  • Finally select “Reset Network Setting”.

Done! Your all Network Settings Reset.